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Version 1.0!
I'm please to announce that version 1.0 has just been released. The new release has many new features including:
  • Better data security
  • Better performance (thanks to a new algorithm)
  • Supercopier skin have been added
  • The packaging add the static version
  • Update detection, a feature that is missing from Supercopier.
  • And a great number of bug fixes
What is a mess under Ultracopier:
  • Speed limit
  • User request when the user have not look the FAQ
I've received many requests for improvement, some of which I have not yet been able to implement owing to time constraints. Some requests are rather silly or illogical and I must ignore them to focus on my ongoing development work.
EDIT: We now accept Bitcoins at the Prestashop as payment for Ultracopier, and as donations to help fund the development of Ultracopier
EDIT2: We are pleased to offer a free version of the UltraCopier Ultimate version at exchange of GPU time to fund the project.

Have good day